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Leaves of infested plants become dull-green and develop a silvery-white colour on the surface. Tiny black spots may appear on leaves and eggs can be seen on young leaves and in flower buds. Shoot tips and flower buds both become distorted if they have been damaged by the insects' feeding. Flower petals may be flecked white where pigment has been lost, and flower buds may fail to open. May lead to other problems such as a pelargonium virus.

Spot them

There are a number of different thrips species. Adult thrips vary in colour from yellow-brown to black and some have a banded appearance.

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What’s up with my Viburnum?

Question from Sue Ewing

Hi. Hoping someone can help. For the past three years my viburnum bodnantense ‘dawn’ has increasingly suffered from a disease which causes the flower buds to rot. Last year I treated it with Provado Ultimate Bug Killer, thinking it had thrips, but without luck. This year I’m wondering whether to try Tumbleblight, in case it’s a form of mildew. Any ideas as to what the problem is and how I should treat it? Many thanks.

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  • Posted: Fri. 23rd February 2018 15:59

thrips or midges

Comment from eleni prokopiou

Hello, I bought a Harlow Carr a few months back and it was doing very well, it had grown and roses had bloomed. But then a couple of weeks ago, I noticed some of the buds hadn't opened, and the already opened ones were dying. The foliage is very green and healthy looking. I then noticed that my one year old Velvet Fragrance and Margaret Merril had the same symptoms. I have put two photos of the last two. Is it thrips, or midges, or neither, and what can I do other than deadhead them, to help them? Thank you very much

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  • Posted: Mon. 19th July 2010 12:30