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Quercus nigra (Water oak)

Other names: North American barren oak, North American black oak, Possum oak, Quercus microcarya, Quercus nigra var. heterophylla, Spotted oak, Punk oak, Duck oak

Q. nigra is a broadly conical to broadly rounded, deciduous to semi-evergreen tree with pendent lower branches, smooth, grey bark, and spoon-shaped to narrowly obovate, usually three-lobed, dark green leaves turning yellow in autumn. Yellow-green flower catkins in spring are followed by spherical acorns with woolly, scaly cups.

Ultimate spread 18m
max. spread
Ultimate height 25m
max. height
Time to ultimate size 50-100 years
to maturity
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Quercus texana (Texas red oak)

Other names: Quercus nuttallii, Spanish oak, Quercus rubra var. texana, Quercus nuttallii var. cachensis, Quercus shumardii var. microcarpa, Quercus shumardii var. texana

Q. texana is a vigorous, rounded, deciduous tree with ovate, elliptic, or obovate, dark green leaves with deep, pointed, bristle-tipped lobes, the entire leaf turning red in late autumn. Produces ovoid to ellipsoid, brown acorns with scaly cups.

Ultimate spread 17m
max. spread
Ultimate height 20m
max. height
Time to ultimate size 20-50 Years
to maturity
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