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Heartwood Garden Design (Garden designer, Horticultural Consultant, Contractor)

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About Heartwood Garden Design

Heartwood Garden Design is a Hertfordshire based garden design company run by Judy Shardlow. I’m a graduate of the London College of Garden Design and Capel Manor School of Garden Design holding a diploma in both garden design and planting design. Many gardens have a wealth of unrealised potential and good garden design helps to unlock that potential which will add quality of life and value to your home. My role as a designer is to think innovatively about how to transform your garden into your perfect outdoor space. I work with customers through a design which includes concept boards, sketches and 3-D visualisations to ensure that your garden is well planned from the beginning. I work in partnership with experienced and well qualified landscapers and artisans who build the garden according the masterplan, landscape specifications and construction drawings, ensuring that construction i

Contact Judy Shardlow

Tel: 01438 833858

Mobile: 07977246748

Email: judy.shardlow@heartwoodgardendesign.co.uk

Address: 28 Dale Avenue
St Albans

Website: www.heartwoodgardendesign.co.uk

Blog: www.heartwoodgardendesign.blogspot.com


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