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Janet Bligh Garden Designs (Garden designer, Horticultural Consultant)

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About Janet Bligh Garden Designs

Garden Design & Consultancy, Planting Solutions, Garden Development. Over 15 years experience working with clients to design, build and plant the kind of garden they really want but don't know how to achieve on their own. We design bespoke planting schemes to suit the site and which provide colour & interest all year round. The majority of our work is in South East England, in particular Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex. We are able to call on the expertise of an extensive network of reliable and skilled landscape contractors and specialists throughout the region. Designs are predominantly for private gardens of medium to large size and cover a wide variety of styles, and we regularly collaborate with other professionals such as architects, interior designers & project managers. For clients who may not need or want a full design service, we also offer help on a consultancy basis.

Contact Janet Bligh

Tel: 01730 261712

Email: mail@janetbligh.co.uk

Address: The Old Garage
Stoner Hill
GU32 1AG

Website: www.janetbligh.co.uk

Blog: janetbligh.wordpress.com


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