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Barnaby Jackson Artist's Gardens (Garden designer, Horticultural Consultant, Gardener)

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About Barnaby Jackson Artist's Gardens

I help my clients make the most of the space they have outdoors & source the most suitable plants available for their patch to enjoy the benefits they bring. I'm a fine artist by career and gardener/garden designer by profession. Based in SW Hertfordshire but can travel widely for work. Gardening fee = £150 day I’m pro-actively engaged in the protection of biodiversity and our rare local chalk streams through lobbying elected representatives and advocating for public participation in local plans impacting wider ecology.. Smart resource use is a priority of mine, especially rainwater harvesting and composting for the garden. I don't use or support the use of pesticides in my profession, and encourage the development of native plant "corridors" to attract pollinators and rewilding flora & fauna.

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Tel: +447715837814

Mobile: 07715837814

Email: barnabyjwjackson@gmail.com

Address: 1 Church End Cottages
Church Lane


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